torsdag 3 juli 2014

The countdown has started;  we are leaving Spain tomorrow. It`s been two lovely weeks! If we are to do this again, perhaps next year it will not be an easy thing to top this stay. We`ve had an  excellent professora and the  most suiting apartemente, five minutes walk from school, a most ample stay.
During these two weeks I `ve had  lousy sleep at nights. I haven`t been able to turn comfortably in my bed and I am a most frequent turner, like a chicken put  on an electrical skew. I`ve had this feeling that the bed is to narrow which it isn`t and every time I turned I woke up with my heart pounding and expected close contact with the floor. I´ve put pillows from the sofa under the mattress, to make a barrier but it doesn´t help. Hopefully it will adjust when I get home, perhaps it´s my husband´s snoring I'm missing... not.

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