tisdag 1 juli 2014

El primero del July

Yesterday evening we went to the playa. Amazing feeling to sunbath at eight in the evening. I took a dip in the sea and stayed in the water for at least 20 minutes. Cold at first but then lovely, similar to the sea at the east coast of Sweden, in Ahus. ! I thought that if this was to be the only time I took a dip this summer it had to be worth it.
Before the playa we ate at an Indian restaurant, a full menu (starter, main course and postre). I asked for media spiced dish, curry with chick peas and rice but it was more spicy than I expected. But later that evening the rumble in my stomage was from the icecream not the spices. The icecream was heaven sent, very creamy and rich and of course, made of full fat cream, en masse. Thank you for this rançion lactose, I heard my stomach mumble.
Today´s lessons were intensive, as always. Reflexive and pronominala verbs and we practised in writing and retelling the events and hours of an ordinary working day. The general feeling has changed from complete blank to accually be able to ask and answer, not only si or no' but to extend the answers and to make follow-up questions. Nice feeling indeed. Christine and I are still forming a group of our own. The fellow who came to class  yesterday chose to get one-to-one teaching with Elena. Imagine, that was us a week ago!

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