måndag 30 juni 2014

Weekend en España

This weekend we kept the speed up. Friday evening we went to Torremolinos. The initial plan was to eat grilled fish but we ended up having the fish eating us. We ouldn't resist the call from the fish spa so we put our dirty sweaty feet in a basin and the small fish started doing their work, nibbling at our feet. It was tickely and a bit gros at the same time. All of the fish swam gingerly when we left so it couldn't been that bad for them. Ten minutes for 10 euro but we were the only customers for a long time so the woman let us sit in peace.

Saturday morning the quest was to find the bus station and take the bus to Ronda. But we gave up the search and took the bus to Mijas instead. A lovely little village with burro-taxi, horse carriages with jingle bells and white mended houses. We did some good sight-seeing and had some great tapas; potatosalad, porc casserole, pickled vegetables, some salad and of course beer. Then we took the bus home to Arroyo de la Miel, some siesta and then tada! we found the most lovely plaza, just around the corner. We just stumbled upon it  when turning left instead of continuing straight forward. Some good music, more tapas and more beers. Lovely evening.

Sunday we had breakfast at a restaurant run by the owner of  our apartment, Carmen. We had a sturdy full English breakfast with eggs, bacon and sausages; lucky us! We asked our way to the bus station, in Spanish of course and this time we ended up, in the bus to Ronda. Ronda is originally an medieval castle, built by the Arabs on top of a huge canyon. The numbers of stairs we have climbed this weekend; countless. Awesome place, well worth the 2 hours busride each way.

Toremolinos was final stop so we had a stroll by the sea back home to Arroyo. In a small shop I found this dress, at full lenght, peacock pattern  with a laced backside. I haven´t had a long dress in decades! Together with my new shoes, with black flowers;  watch out!

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