tisdag 24 juni 2014

Diá segunda

We entered a  high speed class, my dear companion and I. There are the two of us and the teacher Elena. No way of dodging the question, you have to stay focused and on your toes all the time. We start at 9 and finish class at 11, with a short break between. First day we took our time during the break and ordered coffee, sat down and chatted away some valuable minutes. Back in the classroom our techer scolded us and we got the message: we are here to study not drink coffee. Today we ran out, bought a cup and took it back into class again. At this stage, we are handling the regular verbs, how to express time, building the vocabulary and exercise pronounciation. Maj god, it`s been 30 years since I studied Spanish back in the gymnasium and most of it is buried and long lost. Now I have to start all over again, from the beginning  but we keep good speed. After class we spend two hours at the computer, with selfstudies; exercises, reading and listening comprehension... you know the drill.
The weather today has been a bit windy and cloudy and in the afternoon it started to rain. After the rain the temerature fell at least 10 degrees.

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