onsdag 25 juni 2014

25th of June

This morning`s wake-up call came as a surprise. Why is my phone buzzing at this hour, in the middle of the night? Well, accually the night was long gone and time to get up,07.30. We had a good breakfast, eggs mayonnaise and tuna, a combo made in heaven! and went out for school. But the sleepiness hasn't left me yet, I could kill for a lie down. Class was intense and two hours just rushed by. Today's lessons started with repetition and went on with prepositions and more verbs.
 Yesterday evening, we went out to orient ourselves and ended up behind the village, not exactly in the mountains  more likely at the feet of the mountains but all the same, we had a splendid view.  Overlooking the area we could tell that the village is bigger than we initially thought. It's a bit confused what part is called what, we have Benalmandena, Benalmadena Port and Arroyo de la Miel. I think we're staying at Arroyo de la Miel but every paper and e-mail we got from the agency said Benalmadena.
Christine and I decided on a trip to Malaga tomorrow to visit the Picasso museum and to do some shopping. Today`s activity will probably be a short stroll down to the beach.. The weather is a bit windy and clouds block the sun occasionally so the bathing will be in the sun, not in the sea. You can feel the heat when facing the sun so the wind and clouds makes it really enjoyable.

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