måndag 23 juni 2014

Here we go again!

¡Buenos dias, mes amigos!
Here we go again and this time EN ESPAÑA. My very dear collegue Christine and I decided after our success in Munich 2013 that we wanted to do it again; a combined holiday/studying trip. I voted for England but Christine insisted that we study Spanish so Spain and spanish it is! For two weeks 22th of June til 4th of July we are going to refreshen our idiomas and palabras.
We contacted "our" agency Avista and they recommended us to go to Malaga, not in the very heart of Malaga due to our lack of  teenagerness but to a small city outside the coast, Benalmadena.  After our first day at school we are muy contentas; Christine and I form a class of our own, with a teacher, Elena for two hours, between 9-11. After that, it¡s two hours of selfstudies, at the computer.
The weather is sunny and windy and for lunch we had spanish hamburgers  and viño verano, aj loove viño verano.  It took us 45 minutes to get back to school after lunch and it wasn't the shopping that delayed us but more likely a slight touch of we- got- lost.
Yesterday when we arrived at Benalmadena, at approx 22.00 we asked a police man for directions to our street, Calle del greco 27.  For sure,  if we had followed his directions we wouldn't have found the apartment yet. He wanted to send us out to the coast, 5 kilometres from the center. When we asked the taxidriver he just looked at us and pointed over his shoulders " it is 50 metres that way". It is a lovely apartment, three bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom and access to a great terrace on the top. We celebrated our journey there, with a beer mixed with lemon juice before we went to bed. I had this dream I was sleeping on a doctor's guerny and every time I turn around, it felt as I was going to hit the floor.

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Wow, vad kul! :-) Och kul att du är "tillbaka" på bloggen!