fredag 27 juni 2014

Friday 27th June

Hóla, yesterday was a treat. School at 9.00-13.00, just a quick snack and then off to malaga. It's so easy to travel when at Costa del Sol. You take the train or accually it`s more of a metro, monorailed. Easy to get a ticket and the trains leave at short intevalls. We arrived at Malaga, at about three o' clock and spend the afternoon visiting the Picasso museum, with sketches, small statues and  paintings from early to late work. It was also a temporary exhibition, of Lissinsky an russian artist of early 1900 -ish. We ate at a bar, gaspachos and calamares and a huge bowl of sangria but had to refill with a roll kebab and falafel, before returning to Arroyo de la Miel. Really nice!
Friday today and after siesta -  welldeserved! we're planning on taking us by foot to Torremolinos and try the grilled fish on skew - pescadora asado.

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